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How subscription works

On the product page, you may choose how often you would like to receive your orders. Your supply of The Purest Co will ship on the same day that you started the subscription, following your selected frequency. 

Before purchasing a subscription for the first time, customers will be prompted to create an account on our website. You may change the frequency of your The Purest Co orders through this account.

*Note: Customers are unable to cancel their subscription until a minimum of two orders are reached. This is to prevent abuse of our preferential rate for subscribers. 

Pausing your subscription

You may pause your subscription if you find yourself having a surplus of The Purest Co. Through your online account, you can choose how long you would like to pause your subscription. This feature enables our customers flexibility in choosing how much The Purest Co they would like at any given time.

Pausing your next shipment will affect how you are billed. Once you reach the selected end date of the pause, your subscription will begin anew and bill on the selected weekly interval starting on that date, unless further changes are made. 

How to edit your subscription

You will be able to edit your subscription by logging into your The Purest Co account on our website. Once logged in, you can;

Edit your next order date

Change frequency of your orders

Pause or activate your subscription

Edit your shipping and billing information

Cancel your subscription(s)

Swap your products

Need More Help?

If you have any other questions or need assistance making changes to your subscription, please email or use the chat feature.