Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice

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Turmeric Curcugen™
Sachet Size
American Ginseng
Black Pepper BioPerine®
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  • 30 Sachets - One Month Supply
  • Supports Immune Function, Heart Health, Energy
  • Natural key ingredients Turmeric, Ginseng & Black Pepper
  • Premium extracts Turmeric CURCUGEN™ & BioPerine®
  • Naturally sweetened with Jujube Passionfruit Juice
  • Rich in Vitamins A & C

Our Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice is designed to support Immune Function, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-oxidant, and Energy. Ingredients in our Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice help boost the immune system, heart health, reduce flu & cold symptoms, and help improve energy levels.

Our proprietary formula includes 300mg of Turmeric Curcugen™ with 50% Curcuminoids, 200mg of American Ginseng with 5% Ginsenoside, 5mg of Black Pepper BioPerine®300mg of Jujube Extract, and 4000mg of Passion Fruit Juice concentrate which is rich in Vitamins A & C, all combined to increase bioavailability, rate of absorption, and assimilation.

Consumption Directions:

  • Simply rip, sip, and enjoy. No need to add water
  • Shake well before consumption
  • 1 sachet a day
  • Best consumed after meals
  • Recommended serving for children is half the adult’s
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Full Ingredient List:

Pure Water, Fructooligosaccharides, Passion Fruit Concentrate, Jujube Extract 10:1, Curcugen™ - Turmeric Extract (50% Curcuminoids), American Ginseng Extract (5% Ginsenoside), BioPerine® - Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine)

Empirical Research:

Ingredients in our proprietary blend contain a turmeric extract that is a dispersible, 98.5% turmeric-based curcuminoids formula, 39-times bioavailability-enhanced to improve plasma absorption and clinical efficacy - this means more effectiveness compared to normal turmeric supplements.

Our extract is the only oleoresin-sourced turmeric active on the market to generate its absorption benefit from the dispersion power found in previously ignored turmeric native – ‘polar’ resins.

In an 18-subject, cross-over pharmacokinetic study over 24-hours, our extract, at 2000 mg of curcuminoids equivalents enhanced FREE-curcumin bioavailability by 39X that of placebo and proved 52.5-times more bioavailable for Total Curcuminoids than standardized curcumin 95% (C-95).


*Bioavailability is defined as the portion of the total quantity of concentration of a chemical that is available for biological action.


More information on the study here

300mg Turmeric Curcugen™ 30g Sachet Size 200mg American Ginseng 5mg Black Pepper BioPerine® 29.2 Calories

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
meda (Cavite City, PH)
i recommended

very effective to oue health

Yram (Cagayan de Oro, PH)
my reviews

This product is really nice and at the same time very affective, you won't hesitate to buy for a second time. thanks to my friend in introducing this product to me

This juice is perfect!

this is very convenient to drink, also has great flavor and i love the benefit of this superjuice, it helps with inflammation.

Melody (Kampong Pasir Ris, SG)
Worth Trying!!!

i am FINALLY going to give my review after taking it for a month diligently ... i Strongly recommend it to boost your energy level as well as increase your immunity ... i use to feel REALLY tired after 'LUNCH' but surprisingly after taking this i find that i was less tired and able to last tru the rest of day with enough energy to go home and spend some quality time with my kids 👍 ... Try it but you MUST drink it consistently ... if you are not consistent please don't say it doesn't work !!! that's my opinion ... i LOVE 'Purest Co' !!!

Mrs. S.
Absolutely amazing!

I use this to boost my energy, and my immune system. taste isn't strong I just love it! great quality and value.